Solutions for Children's Dental Anxiety in Decatur, IL

young girl in kitchen smiling I hospital sedation decatur ilOur pediatric dental office knows that it can be tough for anyone, especially a child, to keep their mouth open for a prolonged period of time. Sometimes, particularly when special needs come into play, it may not be possible at all. 

This is why we offer hospital sedation in some cases. If your child has a special need that keeps them from being able to successfully be treated the traditional way or needs extensive work done, Dr. Bret, your dentist in Decatur and our dental staff will work with your family to come up with the best dental treatment plan for you and your child.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Children's Sedation Dentistry in Decatur, IL?

In most cases, treatment can be completed at our Decatur dental office. If we feel that your child could benefit from hospital sedation, however, we will discuss the situation with you beforehand and answer any questions you might have.

Patients who benefit the most from hospital sedation are those who:

  • Have special needs
  • Are too young to follow directions
  • Need multiple fillings
  • Require time-intensive treatment
  • Are receiving extensive care or oral surgery

Why Hospital Sedation with Jerger Pediatric Dentistry?

young children smiling & playing on the floor I children's sedation dentistry in 62526Hospital sedation in Decatur allows Dr. Bret and our staff to work on multiple teeth in one sitting without added trauma to your child. If your child has a lot of decay or a complicated dental issue, often treatment is much simpler and less frightening for them if they are sedated. With hospital sedation, your child blissfully sleeps through the entire procedure! Children with special needs who require extra attention, have extreme anxiety, or are unable to control the movements of their bodies (such as occurs in cerebral palsy) may also benefit from the use of hospital sedation. 

Hospital sedation near 62549 is done on a case-by-case basis after Dr. Bret determines whether it is the best option for your child. Your child’s safety and comfort is our utmost concern, and we work hard to make sure that their needs are met. Hospital sedation is safe and effective, but like any anesthesia, some risks are involved. Dr. Bret, your dentist in Decatur will discuss these with you and work with you to help you make the best decision for your child’s care.

What Happens During Sedation Dentistry in the Area?

Before your child’s sedation appointment, we will give you a list of instructions that clearly explain what happens during their procedure and what is required from you. You and your child meet us at the hospital in the morning or afternoon. Once your child is sedated, we will do the work that is needed on your child’s smile. After your child wakes up, we will explain what was done and any care required at home. 

Where and When Do You Provide Hospital Sedation Dentistry?

Hospital dental procedures are done on Friday mornings or afternoons at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Decatur, IL. The time is determined by available openings and the amount of work required.

Contact Us About Sedation Dentistry in Decatur, IL 

To ask questions or schedule a hospital sedation visit, call our office at (217) 875-3080.