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Dental Anxiety, Your Child, and How We Can Help

July 22, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Bret Jerger
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Our top Decatur, IL pediatrician understands dental anxiety, especially in children, and he has a lot of experience helping even the most anxious child learn to enjoy the dentist’s office.

If your child suffers from dental anxiety in Mt. Zion, IL or the surrounding areas, we can help.

What Is Dental Anxiety in Decatur, IL?

Dental anxiety is a fear or anxiety centered on dental care, and there are many different reasons for dental anxiety in children, including:

  • Fear of the dental instruments or the dental setting
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear mimicked from possible parental fear of the dentist

Sometimes dental anxiety in children comes down to inadequate preparation—a child is brought to the dentist and has no real concept of what the dentist is all about.

How Our Team Can Help: Building Trust and Sedation Dentistry

Our team works hard to build relationships with the children who visit our dental office, and we always introduce them slowly to the dental instruments that we use most often. We find that building a trusting relationship with children helps them overcome a lot of their fear. Usually, children who have not done well in other dental offices, thrive at Jerger Pediatric Dentistry.

In extreme cases of dental anxiety, we can offer sedation dentistry in Decatur, IL. If your child requires sedation dentistry, we will provide instructions and always make sure that your child is safe and monitored throughout their dental procedure. When we use sedation dentistry, we move treatment to a hospital setting to better accommodate your child, too.

Contact Jerger Pediatric Dentistry Today

If you’re considering sedation dentistry for your child in Decatur, IL or if you have questions about dental anxiety, contact a member of our dental team today. We are here to help you and to help your child enjoy his or her time at the dentist.

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