Children's Orthodontics in Decatur, IL

Welcome to Jerger Pediatric Dentistry in Decatur, IL where we focus on providing the best possible dental care to your young children and teenagers. We specialize in pediatric dentistry in Decatur, IL, helping even your littlest ones take care of their smiles. No matter your pediatric dental needs, we will be there! 

Many parents of our pediatric patients often have questions about our children's orthodontics in Decatur, IL. Braces and other alignment treatments are a regular part of pediatric dentistry, and it’s never too early to start thinking about or preparing for the future. 

Not every child will need orthodontic treatment, but if it does become necessary, it can be helpful to have their complete treatment done by their usual dentist. This helps them feel more confident and comfortable in the dental chair, and it prevents miscommunication between healthcare providers. As your Decatur, IL dentist, our goal is to be able to provide your family with the best dental and orthodontic care all under one roof. 

We have a few different orthodontic options available at our 62526 dentist office, and we are always happy to discuss your child’s treatment options with you. You can read more about our orthodontics in Mt. Zion, IL below:

What is Invisalign Teen?

We are here to tell you that having a straight smile will matter for the rest of your child’s life. While parents often tend to think of orthodontic treatment as a cosmetic issue, the truth is that many orthodontic problems can lead to much more serious oral health concerns in the long run. In the short term, teeth that aren’t properly aligned are more difficult to keep clean, which makes your child more prone to cavities. This is why our dental office believes it is so important to offer orthodontics in Decatur, IL. Teens Hanging Out | Children's Orthodontist Decatur IL

As times have changed, so have preferences for braces and orthodontic treatments. Because more options are available than ever before, even pediatric dental patients want to explore alternatives to traditional metal braces.

At our pediatric dental office, we offer Invisalign Teen as a substitute for traditional braces. What exactly is Invisalign Teen? Invisalign Teen uses a series of clear aligners that are custom made for your child’s mouth. This orthodontic treatment is similar to the standard Invisalign products, but it is designed specifically for teenagers. If your teen wants flexible treatment options for their orthodontics in Mt. Zion, IL, Invisalign Teen is worth considering. 

The clear aligners in the Invisalign Teen treatment are simply removed and changed, usually about every two weeks, to gradually move teeth into their correct place. They can be used to treat under/overbites, overcrowding, and gaps between teeth as well. With Invisalign Teen, there are no eating restrictions or broken brackets to worry about, which means your teen will spend less time cleaning their braces and sitting in our dental office and more time being teenagers!

To learn more, you can contact our Decatur, IL dentist at (217) 875-3080. 

Why should I choose Invisalign Teen in Decatur, IL?

Generally, the Invisalign Teen treatment is easier on your child than traditional metal braces. The Invisalign trays are known to cause less pain and discomfort than their traditional metal counterparts, and they also make cleaning and caring for teeth easier. 

Traditional braces can irritate your child’s cheek, tongue, and gums. With Invisalign Teen, the clear-coated aligner just fits right over their teeth and can be removed when needed, although it is recommended that they stay in between 20 and 22 hours a day for them to be the most effective. 

Instead of having their braces tightened every few weeks, your child just replaces their old aligner with a new one. With no brackets to get in the way, your child can brush and floss as they normally would, which helps them maintain better oral hygiene. The aligners themselves are easily cleaned as well. Many of our teenage dental patients enjoy the flexibility of these orthodontics in Mt. Zion, IL. 

If your child plays an instrument or a sport, Invisalign Teen can help keep them doing what they love! There are also no food restrictions with Invisalign Teen! Consider some of the benefits of Invisalign Teen: 

  • Less invasive and uncomfortable                                                                                                         
  • Non-irritating
  • Clear, unnoticeable aligners                                                                                                                                  
  • Safer for children in sports
  • Easy to clean                                                                                                                                    
  • Great for playing musical instruments                                                                           
  • Promotes good oral hygiene
  • Easy to maintain                                                                                                                           
  • Less time spent at Dr. Bret’s                                                                                                 

What about traditional braces and other children's orthodontics in the 62526 area?

Invisalign Teen is great, but it’s not designed to treat certain complex cases. Additionally, some families simply prefer traditional braces due to financial restrictions or the familiarity they have with the classic treatment. We do offer traditional braces at our office as well, and in some situations, these may be the more appropriate option. If your child needs orthodontics in Decatur, IL, the best way to find out which option is the best is to call our dental office and schedule a time to speak with Dr. Bret.

No matter which option we recommend, we’ll make sure that you and your child have a good experience and excellent results with our Decatur, IL dentist. 

We also offer several different dental appliances to help treat certain issues (like thumbsucking) or to prepare your child’s mouth for orthodontic treatment. If we feel that your child could benefit from an appliance, we will discuss this option with you and let you know what to expect.


Spacers are used to create space between your child’s teeth before braces are put on. This allows for better placement of the braces. The spacer, which looks like a small rubber band, is placed between the two teeth in question and stays in place for about two weeks or until enough space has been created for the braces to be put in.

Palatal Expander

Children hugging and smiling l Children's Orthodontist in Decatur, ILA palatal expander may be used if your child has an overcrowding or bite issue. This temporary expander is used before braces to create room in your child’s jaw and allow your child’s upper and lower teeth to fit together better. Once room is created, we can then place braces on your child’s teeth.

The field of pediatric orthodontics is continuously expanding as we continue to discover new information. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s pediatric orthodontics in Mt. Zion, IL, our caring dental team is always happy to speak with you. You may reach us at any time during our normal business hours, which are listed here.

Schedule An Appointment with Our Children's Orthodontist in Decatur!

Once you are ready to move forward and have your child meet with Dr. Bret, our front dental office staff would be happy to schedule a dental appointment for you. There are two convenient ways to schedule your child’s orthodontic appointment: you can give our Decatur pediatric dental office a call at (217) 875-3080, or you can use our website’s contact form located here

We have helped countless teens and pediatric dental patients achieve a straighter smile — and we know the confidence boost that comes with it! We look forward to helping your child discover the difference that orthodontics in Decatur and Mt. Zion, IL can make!