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How do I best ensure straight teeth for my children?

Girl with braces holding a watermelon | Orthodontics Decatur ILIt's natural to feel concerned that your child might develop crooked teeth. Many children form crowded or overlapping teeth, which is why it's essential to know why teeth become crooked. 

Generally, genetics plays the most significant role in determining if your child will have straight teeth. Decatur, IL patients with straight teeth have enough room in their upper and lower jaws to comfortable fit teeth as they grow in. 

It's also crucial that teeth emerge in the spot dedicated to them. Baby teeth that fall out prematurely can impact how their adult teeth grow in. Once most of a child's baby teeth have fallen out, they can begin treatment for braces in Decatur, IL if needed. 

Ways to Help Your Child Have Straight Teeth

  • By fixing bad habits like sucking on a pacifier or sucking your thumb sucking, you can prevent misaligning teeth. After the age of two, it's good to start addressing these habits before they become unhealthy. We should also identify and avoid reverse swallowing, mouth breathing, and tongue thrusting
  • Cavities and tooth decay can create longterm adverse effects on your oral health and can lead to crooked or overcrowded teeth. Extensive tooth decay can also lead to premature tooth loss which can affect neighboring teeth
  • Routine dental exams and cleanings with Dr. Jerger will allow us to monitor your baby's teeth and how they grow in. We will also be able to identify tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease right as they start

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