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At what age can my child get braces?

By the time your child is seven years old, we recommend that you start thinking about straightening their teeth. Dr. Bret Jerger is highly skilled in aligning your child's teeth with years of experience and knowledge. 

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It's best to bring your child in for an examination with our children's dentist, so we can determine the severity of the misalignment or overcrowding. 

Generally, we start children's orthodontic treatment in Decatur, IL once a child has lost most of their baby teeth and have had most of their permanent teeth grow in. This typically happens between the ages of eight and fourteen.

If you are interested in treatment during this time, we can practice interceptive actions to guide incoming or developing teeth. 

The interceptive approach allows us to treat your child at a younger age, while they still have most of their baby teeth. Once their adult teeth have emerged, then we can start the second phase of the treatment with braces. Intercepting can make the second phase more comfortable and cut down on treatment times. 

Schedule A Consultation With Our Orthodontist

Dr. Jerger will be able to determine the best course of action for your child after examining and evaluating their current oral state. 

The best way to determine a treatment plan is through an examination. Contact Jerger Pediatric Dentistry today to schedule an appointment with your Decatur, IL dentist. 

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