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Laser Frenectomies: Are They Safe for Your Child?

December 4, 2019
Posted By: Jerger Pediatric Dentistry Staff

At Jerger Pediatric Dentistry, we specialize in laser frenectomies in Mt. Zion, IL. Laser frenectomies are simple, quick, and absolutely safe for your child. 

When are laser frenectomies needed? 

A laser frenectomy becomes necessary when a child is born with an oral frenulum that prevents the child from successfully using their mouth. Parents often notice a problem with frenulums when a child cannot breastfeed, eat, speak, or swallow properly. Problematic frenulums can present themselves at various stages throughout a child’s life. 

What do I do if my child needs a laser frenectomy in Decatur, IL? 

If you suspect that your child is struggling due to a large or tight frenulum, it’s best to bring them into our office for an evaluation. Our Decatur, IL dentist, Dr. Bret Jerger, can examine your child and determine if their frenulum is indeed causing the problems. If your child needs a laser frenectomy to correct their frenulum, we can perform the procedure right here in our dental office! 

Will the laser frenectomy treatment in Decatur, IL hurt my child? 

No, your child’s laser frenectomy should not be painful or even uncomfortable. Our laser frenectomies in Decatur, IL are fast and efficient. We use a laser because this technique is less invasive than traditional “clippings” and is typically very comfortable for children. Some even sleep through the entire procedure! The laser also minimizes bleeding and has a low risk of post-procedure infection. Your child may need a few days or even a week to fully heal after their frenectomy, but you will likely notice a difference with how they eat, speak, or breastfeed immediately after the treatment. 

Schedule Your Child’s Laser Frenectomy in Decatur, IL

Dr. Bret Jerger can stop your child’s suffering by performing a laser frenectomy ASAP! Please contact our dental office at (217) 875-3080 when you are ready to schedule your child’s procedure. 

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