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August’s Smile of the Month Club

September 11, 2022
Posted By: Jerger Pediatric Dentistry

At Jerger Pediatric Dentistry, we have a surprising secret weapon in the fight against cavities and tooth decay: FUN! Our firm belief is that your child's dental care becomes exponentially more effective when our finest dental treatments are infused with positivity and a good attitude. One way we accomplish this is through our Smiles of the Month Club!

Any child whose checkup is cavity-free gets their photo up on our special wall, noticed by everyone who visits our dental office. To see their face in such a place of honor can be a source of pride and joy for your child and everyone in the family.

Recommendations to Achieve a Smile of the Month

The work to eliminate dental cavities begins at home. First, our team wants you to know that your kids will model your behavior. So if you demonstrate that caring for teeth is vital by caring for your own, they are more likely to learn good habits.

Here are some tips to better your home oral care routines:

  • Brush twice a day, two minutes per time
  • Floss each time you brush
  • Floss first, then brush
  • Ensure your child reaches their back teeth
  • Replace their toothbrush every three months

Following these guidelines is a great start, and if you make it fun, then all the better. These are some suggestions you may want to try:

  • Use recommended products with familiar characters and playful colors
  • Play a familiar tune while they brush, making the two minutes go faster
  • Practice 'Family Tooth Time' by having everyone brush together after meals and before bed
  • Use positive language – avoid suggesting anything bad about dentist visits

As parents, we sometimes resort to describing the consequences when our children resist certain directives. So our dental team hopes you'll refrain from suggesting that their next visit may be negative. Instead, remind them that good brushing and flossing can get them on the Smiles of the Month Club wall.

How Braces Help Prevent Cavities

Many people think their child's braces in Decatur, IL is exclusively for a straighter smile. But aligned teeth are also easier to clean, which can help prevent tooth decay. In addition, when your child's teeth are twisted or overlapped, certain areas become hard to reach with a toothbrush and may be too tight to floss effectively.

We offer traditional braces and Invisalign clear aligners for children's orthodontics and will help you determine which option is best for your child.

How to Have Cavity-Free Dental Visits in Decatur, IL

Our friendly staff of dental professionals is excited to see your child and help them achieve a wall-worthy smile, a point of pride and accomplishment. If you want to join the club, we encourage you to give our dentist's office a call and schedule an appointment today.

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