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What types of sedation do your dentists use?

Sedation is a process that helps induce a state of calm or sleep through the administering of medication under close supervision by a trained medical professional. Our dental clinic offers sedation dentistry in Decatur, IL, when your child finds dental procedures incredibly challenging. For these patients, we use the type of sedation called hospital sedation.

If your child’s teeth require complicated or more lengthy treatments, we will discuss how we can address potentially problematic reactions to care. With hospital sedation, your child blissfully sleeps through the entire procedure.

Several following factors may make your child a good candidate for hospital sedation, such:

  • Special needs
  • Very young and unable to follow directions
  • Time-intensive treatment like multiple fillings
  • Intense anxiety or other factors making treatment difficult

Other Methods to Make Dental Treatments Easier

While sedation options rely on medication for efficacy, we advocate softer methods for helping your children. For example, things as simple as kid-friendly vocabulary can go a long way toward addressing concerns. In addition, our staff is trained to avoid specific terminology that might cause fear.

At home, parents also can adopt this strategy, especially by using positive language around their dental care. Parents who set a good example by maintaining positivity around health care have children who experience significantly less anxiety around treatments.

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