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Does my child need a mouthguard for sports?

Yes, every child who participates in sports activities—particularly contact sports like football, basketball, and soccer—should wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth. Parents are often surprised to learn that as much as 40 percent of all dental injuries are sports-related. 

Customized Mouthguards in Decatur, IL

As your child’s Decatur, IL dentist, Dr. Bret Jerger customizes sports mouthguards that offer the ultimate protection for their teeth and mouths.  

Many schools and teams mandate wearing mouthguards, but even so, statistics show that only about two-thirds of athletes wear protective mouth gear. The lack of compliance is partially because generic mouthguards of the “boil and bite” variety don’t fit very well and may be so uncomfortable that your child won't wear it without your supervision.

As part of your son or daughter’s preventive dental care at our Decatur, IL practice, we customize mouthguards that are comfortable because we design them for your child’s unique smile. For this reason, kids are much more likely to follow through with wearing them when parents aren’t around to supervise them.

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If your child participates in sports, they require protection for their mouth and teeth. Instead of searching for a “dentist near me,” call Jerger Pediatric Dentistry to schedule an appointment. We'll take impressions of your child’s teeth and customize a high-quality, durable sports guard to protect their precious smile from harm.

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