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Why does my child need a laser frenectomy?

It can become very frustrating when your baby isn't able to nurse or finish their meals from their bottle, and you need a solution fast!

A lingual frenulum (the piece of skin found under the tongue) that is too tight or thick can keep your baby from being able to nurse or drink from a bottle properly. We refer to this condition as "tongue-tied," and it can be detrimental to their health and development.  

How Does a Laser Frenectomy Work?

Decatur pediatric dentist, Dr. Bret Jerger, uses a dental laser to help reduce the frenulum so your child can move their tongue freely and can more easily get the nourishment they need for healthy development. Using the dental laser makes the procedure more comfortable and streamlined for children as it is quicker, causes less discomfort, and offers an easier healing process than surgery.

If your child is having difficulty latching on when they nurse, they might benefit from a laser frenectomy Mt. Zion, IL. Dr. Jerger would be happy to perform an examination and discuss your concerns with you to determine if this procedure might help your son or daughter. 

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