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What if my child gets a cavity?

At Jerger Pediatric Dentistry, our focus is on helping your child enjoy a happy, healthy, problem-free smile. Preventive dentistry, including dental hygiene at home and routine teeth cleanings, can dramatically lower your child’s risk for cavities and tooth decay. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, problems can still develop.

Cavity Prevention in Decatur, IL

When children get cavities, Dr. Bret Jerger addresses them with dental fillings at our Decatur, IL dental office. If your child has a spot of decay on a tooth, Dr. Jerger will remove it and fill the space with a white tooth-colored filling that blends into their smile.

If decay is extensive or your child has a broken tooth, a dental filling may not be enough to protect it from further damage. In this case, we offer porcelain dental crowns in Decatur, IL, because they cover the entire tooth and allow your child to chew on it comfortably.

Even if your son or daughter doesn’t have a cavity, they can still break or injure a tooth playing sports. As part of preventive dentistry, we also customize high-quality, durable mouthguards to protect your child’s smile from harm.

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If your child has a cavity, or it’s time for their next dental exam and cleaning, please call Jerger Pediatric Dentistry to schedule an appointment.

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