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How important are dental cleanings?

young girl laying in grass l dental cleanings decatur ilYour child's lifelong relationship with their oral health starts at a very young age. Every basic tooth cleaning provides benefits to your child, no matter what age they are. 

Your child's pediatric visits with Dr. Bret Jerger include dental cleaning, digital x-rays, exams, and fluoride treatment all work to track and maintain your child's oral health, along with preventing tooth decay and infection. 

The Benefit of Dental Cleanings in Decatur, IL

  • Prevents tooth decay and cavities by eliminating plaque. Your child's precious enamel can be protected with dental cleanings and protective treatments to prevent the build-up of plaque
  • Reduces the risk of tooth loss by slowing the build-up of plaque. When children lose their baby teeth prematurely, it can cause lifelong dental problems
  • Prevents teeth from staining or appearing yellow 
  • Keeps your child's breath fresh by ensuring there are no oral health issues that cause bad breath
  • Reduces the risk of disease, infection, and tooth decay
  • Lowers costs by identifying issues early before they become costly

Call Us Today to Arrange Your Child's Next Teeth Cleaning

There are numerous advantages to making sure your child maintains their dental cleanings, especially when it comes to preventing future dental problems that can cause lifelong issues.

At Jerger Pediatric Dentistry, there's no such thing as introducing your baby to their oral health too soon. Even before their baby teeth emerge, we advise that parents gently run a wet cloth over their child's gums to remove any plaque. 

Call Dr. Bret Jerger in Decatur, IL, to arrange your child's next dental cleaning and keep them in step with excellent oral health. 

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