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Why are baby teeth important?

woman & small girl smiling l dentist near meAt Jerger Pediatric Dentistry, we believe baby teeth lay the foundation in your child’s mouth that welcomes their permanent teeth later. From the time your child’s first tooth erupts, he or she must learn proper dental hygiene. When children learn how to clean and care for their mouths properly, it translates to a lifetime of happy smiles and healthy teeth.

Our Dental Team Can Help Keep Your Child's Oral Health On Track

Your child’s baby teeth affect how their permanent teeth grow and develop, and failure to care for your child’s baby teeth can cause damage or decay, which could mean unnecessary time spent with your children's dentist in Decatur, IL.

Bottles, pacifiers, and thumb-sucking can also cause damage and changes in children’s mouths, so it is important to discuss any of these concerns with your children's dentist in Decatur, IL. We can help you make sure that your child’s baby teeth are working the way they are supposed to work.

We Can't Wait to Help Treat Your Child

When looking for a dentist near me, it's important to find someone that offers comprehensive pediatric dental care with a gentle and compassionate touch. Our friendly dental staff works hard to make every dental visit as welcoming and friendly as possible.

We help parents navigate their child's oral health to complement professional dental cleanings in Decatur, IL. This helps set the stage for a successful dental future.

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