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What Procedures Are Considered Orthodontic?

July 20, 2022
Posted By: Jerger Pediatric Dentistry

Jerger Pediatric Dentistry is a children’s dental practice with comprehensive services. Your child’s smile is our top priority, and we believe in the importance of establishing good oral health at a young age. Dr. Bret Jerger is a skilled and experienced pediatric dentist in Decatur who offers orthodontics in Decatur, IL. 

Traditional Braces

Traditional metal braces are widely used for children and teens with malocclusion, misalignments, and crooked teeth. Traditional braces consist of brackets attached to the front surfaces of the teeth linked by wires to move the teeth into the correct position. Your dentist tightens or loosens the wires throughout treatment to perfect your smile. 

Invisalign Teen 

Invisalign Teen uses clear aligner technology to straighten teeth and align your bite without using metal wires or braces. Patients wear custom-made Invisalign clear aligner trays on the teeth like a retainer or mouthguard. The patient wears a new series of trays every two weeks to adjust the changing position of the teeth. Invisalign is virtually invisible and can be removed for cleaning and eating. 


A retainer is a removable appliance recommended for patients who have recently had orthodontic treatment. A retainer retains the corrected alignment of your teeth and prevents them from shifting back into their original position.


Orthodontic spacers create space between a child’s teeth before they get braces. The spacer looks like a small rubber band and remains between the teeth until enough room has been created for the braces to fit. 

Palatal Expanders

Patients with overcrowding or bite issues may need a palatal expander to create more room in the mouth for braces. On average, the palatal expander needs 3–6 months to widen the upper jaw gradually. This device can also improve breathing and shorten orthodontic treatment time. 

Orthodontics in Decatur, IL

Pediatric orthodontics is continuously expanding, and our team at Jerger Pediatric Dentistry is committed to staying ahead of the curve, so your child receives the best possible care. If you have questions about our pediatric orthodontic services, our friendly team is always happy to speak with you. 

You can contact us today to schedule your child’s orthodontic evaluation with Dr. Jerger.

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