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October 2021 Smile of the Month Club

November 21, 2021
Posted By: Jerger Pediatric Dentistry
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Our family dentist in Decatur is always pleased to recognize young patients who present with clean bills of oral health.

Of course, October was the month for Halloween candy and much celebration. Despite this, several children enjoyed cavity-free checkups at Jerger Pediatric Dentistry!

Healthy smiles start with regular brushing and, eventually, flossing at home—at least twice daily or following all meals. Six-month checkups with our children’s dentist also play an essential role in healthy smiles and excellent habits that can last a lifetime.

Our goal is to recognize children who work to maintain their oral health, encouraging them to strive for dental excellence. Our Smile of the Month Club is about motivating children to excel in their oral care habits.




Tips for Earning a Spot in Smile of the Month Club

We are always excited to add new names to the club, and below are a few tips to keep the smile healthy and earn a spot!

#1 Brush Regularly and Always Before Bed

Cavities are sneaky and enjoy forming at night, but if children go to sleep with clean teeth, cavities have a hard time forming on their teeth.

#2 Limit Sugary Drinks and Snacks

Sugary and acidic drinks like fruit juice contribute to tooth decay. Other culprits include candy, cake, and cookies. Try substituting some of the time with healthier choices like calcium-rich yogurts or veggie sticks.

#3 Visit Our Children’s Dentist in Decatur, IL

Visiting the dentist every six months is crucial to a child’s oral health. It reduces cavity risks and helps the dentist identify emerging issues before they cause problems. Your child’s dentist can also provide a dental sealant to lock cavity-causing ingredients away from teeth.

For Children’s Dentistry Near Me, Give Us a Call

We are always excited to welcome new children into our dental office and our smile club. Contact a team member today to get started.

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