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June Smile of the Month Club Honorees!

July 21, 2022
Posted By: Jerger Pediatric Dentistry

We want to take a minute to honor June's Smiles of the Month Club winners! Below you'll see a list of all the kids in our practice that were cavity-free at their dental checkups in June. We love to honor and congratulate these kids who worked so hard at home over the months brushing, flossing, combating the sugar bugs, and keeping their pearly whites bright!


Become a Member of Dr. Bret's Smiles of the Month Club

It's not hard to become a club member when you develop healthy habits at home. For example, parents should be helping children brush and floss their teeth until around age eight and supervising the routine after that. Parents can also help children by demonstrating proper brushing and flossing techniques and leading by example.

Nutrition is another essential part of developing healthy tooth habits at home. Limiting sugary snacks and beverages helps protect your little one's smile. Starches are also problematic since they stick to your teeth and convert into sugar. 

Choosing snacks like fruits and vegetables and mainly drinking water throughout the day is best for your little one's dental health and smile. Fruits and veggies neutralize the acids in their mouth, reducing their risk of developing tooth decay. Chewing veggies also increases saliva production, neutralizing acids and washing away excess food particles left after eating. In addition, drinking more water during the day hydrates their bodies and helps keep their mouth clean and bacteria-free.

Straighter Teeth Equal a Healthier Smile

Orthodontic treatment can help protect your little one's smile since straight teeth are easier to brush and floss. Dr. Bret provides your child's first orthodontic evaluation at around seven years old. Some children can benefit from early, phased orthodontic treatment, while others are fine with orthodontic treatment starting around age twelve.

If you have questions about your child's oral health or nutrition, contact your pediatric dentist in Decatur, IL, at (217) 875-3080.

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