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January 2022 Smile of the Month Club

February 8, 2022
Posted By: Jerger Pediatric Dentistry

Did you know that cavities–also known as tooth decay or caries–are among the most common chronic diseases children face in the United States? Untreated cavities can be painful and lead to issues with eating, speaking, learning, and playing. Studies even show that children with poor oral health miss more school or get lower grades than children with good oral hygiene. 

For all of these reasons and more, we strongly encourage children to practice excellent oral hygiene at home so they can have healthy, beautiful smiles for life. 

At the dental office of Dr. Bret Jerger, we offer various preventive services to our young patients so they can enjoy the radiance and vitality of a problem-free smile. In addition to providing routine exams and cleanings, we also take pride in teaching children how to best care for their teeth and gums. 

We love helping kids achieve their healthiest smiles free of cavities, and we are thrilled for the chance to help your child establish healthy habits they can carry with them into adulthood. Our Smile of the Month Club is an opportunity for our young patients to earn a spot and a hearty congratulations for great brushing and flossing. 

Please join us in congratulating and celebrating these diligent brushers for January 2022! 

Dr. Bret and our team at Jerger Pediatric Dentistry are proud of our patients, and we look forward to what next month has in store. All of our patients are welcome to challenge themselves and join the Smile of the Month Club every month by keeping a healthy, cavity-free smile. All they have to do is:

  • Brush their teeth every day, at least twice each day. 
  • Floss between their teeth every day. 
  • Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. 
  • Visit Dr. Bret for preventive exams and cleanings every six months. 

By practicing these healthy habits, your child can reap the benefits of a stunning, cavity-free grin. 

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