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August 2021 Smile of the Month Club

September 29, 2021
Posted By: Jerger Pediatric Dentistry
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It’s that time again: Smile of the Month Club announcements! At Jerger Pediatric Dentistry, we celebrate small smiles and growing teeth that are strong and free of cavities. Our Decatur children’s dental team enjoys helping kids and teens keep their teeth and gums healthy, and we always encourage our young patients and their families to maintain excellent oral health at home. 

Many moons ago, we created the Smile of the Month Club to inspire kids and their families to brush, floss and eat healthy foods.

Below is a photo showing the names of our young patients who practice excellent oral hygiene and have cavity-free teeth. Dr. Bret and our team would like to congratulate every member on this list, and we encourage our patients to strive to make next month’s list. 


Tips for Excellent Oral Hygiene 

To make the Smile of the Month Club list, your child must brush and floss every day to keep the cavities at bay. 

Here are specific ways to reduce the risk of cavities and strengthen your child’s teeth: 

#1 Brush like a boss. 

Gently brush twice daily with child-friendly fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Fluoride protects the teeth from decay, and soft bristles clear away plaque and bacteria without damaging the enamel. Brushing too hard or brushing with hard-bristled brushes can wear down the enamel and lead to premature gum recession. 

#2 Don’t forget to floss.

Floss every day to remove food particles and cavity-causing substances from between the teeth. Flossing also massages the gums, promoting periodontal health and preventing gum disease. 

#3 Eat healthy foods.  

Eat a nutritious diet. Eating healthy fruits, vegetables, proteins, and other whole foods protect kids’ oral health. Try to avoid sugary and starchy foods and drinks, like cakes, candies, potatoes, pasta, and bread. After your child eats, we recommend that they rinse with water, brush, and floss to ensure decay doesn’t develop. Also, opt for water instead of sugary sodas or juices. 

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Checkup Today!

Dr. Bret is our friendly children’s dentist in Decatur, IL, who has many years of experience treating the dental needs of children, teenagers, and young adults. 

The best way to ensure your child’s smile stays strong and healthy is to schedule routine dental checkups with Dr. Bret

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