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Why should my child see a pediatric dentist?

Smiling Girl | Pediatric dentistry Decatur ILWhile a family dentist can treat everyone from childhood on up, pediatric dentists choose to only work with children. This means that they have extra experience and skills that allow them to offer effective and child-friendly dental treatment. 

Pediatric dentists are specialists with at least two years of additional training and residency experience in pediatric dentistry. Their extra training focuses solely on the best treatment options and services for little teeth and mouths, from infancy to early adulthood. They are the pediatricians of dentists. 

We Also Treat Kids With Special Needs

Pediatric dentists and family dentists have the same core training, but pediatric dentists continue their training in order to learn more about how a child’s mouth and teeth work. Their extra training also includes how to properly and effectively treat children with special needs. The extra education that is required to call practice a pediatric dental office means that our staff members are equipped with the knowledge and skills to offer specialized care for your child and their mouth.

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